Don of the Dead's Horror Trivia, is a game show hosted by the Infamous Punk Icon Don Bolles (The Germs,45 Grave, Celebrity Skin) and Howie Pyro (Degeneration,Danzig,Intoxica Radio) Aimed at horror trivia, this show is one of the few to define the UGSF's standards for "Most electricity allowed to correct contestants" and "wrong buzzer decibel levels"

Don of The Dead's Horror Trivia

Episode 2 : part 1

Episode 2 : part 2

Episode 1 : Part 1

Episode 1 : part 2

episode 1 : part 3

Glossolalia is a one hour weekly radio show that has been psychedelisizing the Los Angeles airwaves every Wednesday evening from 10 PM to 11 PM since 1999 on listener sponsored KXLU, Los Angeles (and Founder PROFESSOR CANTALOUPE (AKA MITCHELL BROWN) and DON BOLLES spin a tangled web of ambient surrealism and general weirdness, using vinyl, CDs, mini-discs, cassettes, various effects and unorthodox procedures to create a mindmelting, cinematic flow that transports the listener into an improbable parallel universe for almost 60 seamless minutes.

Avant Garde, 20th Century experimental music from the early 1900s to the present, bedroom tapes of their own sonic experiments and those of a wide range of friends and cohorts, field recordings, sound effects records, live in-studio performances, interviews, various other forms of audio ephemera, and the occasional use of different types of analog sound processing (mostly tape echo, but anything goes) are combined to make each one hour show a unique universe unto itself.